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Fungi or mycotoxins have been for the most part ignored as documented cause of many malignancies and of auto-immune diseases. The etiopathogenetic mechanisms are not the usual patterns of the invasive-type mycoses nor of mycotoxicoses, but incorporate the occult features of both of these mechanisms.

in these video's you will see more about the amazing world of the fungi.

doug kaufman discusses with dr. simoncini about candida

cancer and candida

Doug Kaufmann host a American TV show for many years now. In this episode he has invited Dr. Simoncini to his show, about his amazing theory that Cancer is a fungus.

Video source: knowthecause.com

ear cancer

patient testimonial

Alexia talks about the total cure from the cancer that was on her ear.

Video source: cancerisafungus.com

basal cell carcinoma

patient testimonial bcc

A testimonial from a patient who turned to Dr.Simoncini's treatment after common
medicine damaged his skin.

Video source: cancerisafungus.com

bladder cancer

patient testimonial

Lorna from Australia did contact dr. Simoncini by email. By following his instructions the outcome of her oncoming medical test proved to be amazing...

Video source: arcoiris.tv


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