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emails to dr simoncini

they come from all around the world

Dr. Simoncini I fully agree that Candida is the agent of illness, not only behind Cancer, but many other ailments and disease states. Years ago I saw nearly every person with Diabetes had a concurrent fungal (candida) infection. And I thought why not flip the coin and look at the other side. What if the Candida came first and caused the Diabetes. This is the same line of thought you've arrived at. I've found that Candida is epidemic in proportions and my research indicates it is the primary agent behind Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and likely all of the autoimmune diseases too. The heavy influx of sugar into the diet and the constant onslaught of anti-biotics appear to accelerate the progression of this disease. I too have found that when I clear people of their fungal infection their skin conditions disappear too. While we are worlds away geographically, I'm in Seattle, WA I believe we are kindred souls when it comes to the realization that Candida - what I call a yeast-fungal infection is the primary agent of the modern diseases far to many people suffer from. And the current medical 'solutions' only aggravate and accelerate a fungal infection making it worse.
Dr. T. E. - USA

I seen the presentation regarding this treatment on Youtube, while also reading some other different methods of Cancer treatment. I'm reasearching out of personal curiosity, and I find the fungal theory interesting. I do have some trouble understanding why the medical community is agaisnt accepting your findings. If cells were indeed affected by Candida Albicans, then wouldn't the tumors ( since they are a growth of the fungus ) be composed of the Candida Albicans? Were this true, wouldn't your findings be more readily accepted by the medical community? I'm not skepitcal, i do think there is far more to it than we are made to believe. it's just a shame there are those who have to suffer for it though. Thanks for the Interesting information, and keep up the reasearch!
A. M.

I would like to say I really believe in your work and had my own conclusions on the use of NaHCO3. Having realised that i had candida on my foot and also the realisation my young family has candida in their digestive system. I was adamant to find a natural cure for the candida on my foot and i decided to try NaHCO3 and to my surprise it helped over night. i was curious to know the ph of candida and learning it was acidic and the use of alkaline NaHCO3 seemed logical which evetually led me to your website. I also believe that diet contributes to the health of our bodies and that we need to know the ph levels of food and balance them in our diets with the different varieties that the earth has given us. I talk to people of your work and ask them to make their own opinion and be open minded to such therapies. I believe you are on the right track and wish you all the best for work in the future.
F. - Australia

It is time to pressure the United Nations to institute a ruling that medical and pharmacuetical researches cannot be funded through parties that will eventually be profiting commercially from such researches. All funding or such purposes must be handled by a state authorized body without any links to profit-motivated enterprises. Manufacture and marketing shall be only for those who have won a tendered-bid for the patent-right of franchise-right for the legally sanctioned product or medical procedure. An international forum must be held around the world to gain momentum for this kind of thinking so that rogue nations and rogue dealers will not profit from deadly and illegal practices.
O. P.

This world really needs rescuing from the way we have been towards cancer treatments. Thank you for making a difference and I would gladly be at your service for anything I could do in the US or anywhere. I would love to talk to you sometimes. I mean it, too!
R. H. Florida - USA

Whoever you are we think you make a difference. We are proud of you.
J & L - USA

I’m interested in Cancer alternative treatments for a years now but that’s the first time the door to comprehension of the process has been opened. I’m aware of Dr. Simoncini’s work for only one week but be sure that I will do my best to support your work in the future.
Z. K.

Thank you very much Dr. I am pleased with your answer in relation to your recommendation for the comsumption of lot of sugar and salt during sodium
bicarbonate therapy.

R. I. - Puerto Rico

Your discovery of sodium bicarbonate cancer therapy is amazing! I'm not a patient myself but just very health conscious. I read health news on the internet. Dr. Simoncini, you're heaven sent! Are there medical doctors in Manila, Philippines who practice your therapy? Thank you and Godbless
C. L. - Philippines

Dr Simoncini, I bought your book "Cancer is to fungus ". It is an interesting theory, but the doctors are still sceptical regarding her. Leaning to be a possible alternative to help seriously sick patients.
Rafael - Brazil

Dear Dr. Simoncini, A friend sent me the video with Doug Kaufman on your work with cancer. Thank you so very much!!!! I thought I better tell you I sent your link to President Obama. He has spoken this week in a speech about his commitment to end cancer.
D. M. - USA

Dr. Simoncini, I discovered your cure for cancer about five months ago while researching the properties of baking soda. I have shared your information with many people hoping it would help. I would like permission to share more of this knowledge with the Bahamas through the news papers and also with the doctors. I would like to invite you to speak with the doctors in the Bahamas and if you agree to I will speak with the Minister of Health to arrange a professional seminar with the oncologists here. I look forward to hearing from you.
S. K. - Bahamas

When I saw your videos abd listened to you speak I immediately knew you were correct. I have painfully sat in OR's as a circulator,waiting on doctors for years knowing they were not on the right track in treating cancer. I have used holistic health care for my self and family for many years.Thank you for giving me hope as you give hope to the world.
P. H. - USA

I am an organic farmer and attended the wellness expo in tyler texas and bought the book, cancer is a fungus. I never donated to the cancer research that is chemically based. I am glad to find a natural cancer research to donate to. I have an internet site and I do realize how expensive and time consuming it is to maintain.
Name Unknown

Do you imagine that it would be worthwhile for the public to put pressure on the perfume industry to remove farnesol, the quorum sensing molecule, from their perfume and cologne products? I suspect that one of the reasons some people cannot stand perfume is because of products such as farnesol, and also because they're own bodies are already heavily toxified.
K. R.

Hi Dr., I'm from Brazil, and i just became so excited when i see yor site and your descover, but, in here, i never see at least one report about this, even in TV, or radio, or on the websites from here. And, for this reason I ask you, to visit us, and bring your knowledge, we shurly need you. Please!
P. C. - Brazil

I am fairly sure that I had cervical cancer; I saw a nurse-practitioner who was very concerned and wanted me to see a doctor right away. She said she couldn't even get a Q-tip into my cervix to take a pap smear. This was in February. I was also having a lot of pain. I started taking baking soda internally, and when I saw the doctor last week, he could find no problem at all.
Q. A.

I'll like to get some information from you regarding how patients in South America can get this kind of treatment? I've become so worried that the only treatment secure that you could have through Insurance Companies is Quimio and Radio therapy? I do no believe in this rubish! I find very logical and trust your therapy methods and discovery in find that Cancer Tumors are nothing else that fungus... Please I need information of what to do? so my sister and others will have an opportunity and be able to get your treatment? She lives in Guayaquil-Ecuador.
S. A.

I am a cancer survivor of 9 years which started from an injury to the breast. I ended up going alternative and feel that the American medical profession is in the dark ages. I never had the cancer removed but it desolved through heat and low dose radiation. I believe fungus or maybe even Candida could cause cancer also. I thought it quite odd that my Dr. at UCLA told me that an injury cannot cause cancer but they don't know what causes cancer.... Very contradictory.... I believe if you're immune system isn't working normally that an injury can cause cancer.
E. V. - USA

My Father was a doctor here in Brazil, a general clinic, and he was in amazement when I showed your video. He thinks you are a genius very far way in the time.
A. M. - Brazil

After studying your website and reading your book I am convinced that you are right and cancer is a fungus. The FDA and US doctors treat the cancer with chemo and radiation but don't kill what is at the root (fungus). As long as the fungus is in the body the cancer can come back. Candida Albicans is a yeast fungus; is there a dosage that people can take of the sodium bicabonate (aluminum free baking soda) that can decrease the chances and risk of getting cancer or keeping it from being able to recur? When my friend returns I would love to get him started on a dietary plan along with injesting sodium bicarbonate to kill off what caused the cancer to grow. I have been telling everyone I know about your discovery and treatment. I wish I had been able to get my friend to Italy to see you personally. I pray for your success and that the word spreads throughout the world about what you are doing. Breaks my heart that the FDA and the medical profession seemed to be more worried about making money than providing the cure for people. Bless you Dr. Simoncini!
J. E.

Dr. Simoncini, i operate outpatient diagnostic centers in (...) where we do PET CT. We have now seen 3 of your patients that have given great testimonials. Perhaps we can work together to bring eachother referrals?
M. Z. MD - USA

some emails from cured patients

treatment with iodine solution or sodium bicarbonate

I had deep seated burning ache in center of head, constant for 11 and half years. I always had it. On November 2, 2005, I drank 8 oz.'s of orange juice with added calcium and 7 teaspoons of baking soda. My deep seated pain went away. I actually felt something draining from my head. I have not had pain medicine since. It is still gone...
T. W. - USA

I have had hot flashes and lots of sweating for several years, I used sodium bicarb ONCE and it cut the sweats off by 80%, I continued using it--completely stopped in 3 days!!! Incredible!!!
Lauren - USA

Last year, the first of September I first heard about soda through this site. I had a growth on my face that I could bury the cotton part of a q-tip in and it was approaching my eye and was across the bridge of my nose. I read about soda and started applying it to my growth then. Now, no one can even recognize there was ever anything there. I had a dermatologist demand that I have it removed with Mohs surgery and when I declined, she wrote me a certified letter stating that I would loose my eye and die. It was the steady disintegration of the cancerous growth with the use of soda that shrunk my melanoma. It was the only thing that I tried over a two year period that you could see visible positive changes regularly. It was a slow and steady progress. I started soaking in a bath with soda regulary and that has shrunk many body growths that I never knew were cancerous. I feel that the information provided by Dr. Simoncini and this website saved my life and gave me control over my health whereas no other medical person could do...
A. W. Montana - USA

Dear Dr. Simoncini, After 25 days of 5% sodium bicarbonate injections my little anal tumor is turning brown and collapsing! Thank you soooo much for your book and website! Love and Blessings.
C. McD.

I have some exciting news to report. We have been administering 8.4% sodium bicarbonate to our lung cancer patients by nebulizer inhalation, along with our regular intravenous treatment protocols. Currently, we have received back an all-clear PET scan on a non-small cell lung cancer case! There is no question, when comparing the  baseline scan and the post treatment one, showing no residual  malignancy remaining. The only thing which could account for having  resolved this non-small cell lung cancer case -the one element of treatment we had added- was sodium bicarbonate by nebulizer inhalation. There can be no other explanation for this victory. The sodium bicarbonate was the element which made the difference.
Also, we are getting good response against mesothelioma, using the direct inhalation method with the 8.4% sterile vials of sodium bicarbonate. I wanted to let you know about this. Of course, now we are administering sodium bicarbonate by inhalation therapy to all cancer patients which have lung cancer or another form of malignancy with mets to the lungs.

M. C. C. - USA

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