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frequently asked questions about the sodium bicarbonate therapy

faq about the white tumors, candidosis, application and references

It is possible to cure vaginal candidosis with your therapy?

To uproot persistent gynaecological fungal infections one should do a douche every day with two litres of pure water (that has been boiled) containing two dissolved tablespoons of bicarbonate. This should be kept up for two months, stopping only during one’s period. Candida is very persistent and it takes a long time to kill an infection.

dr simoncini states that cancer is white, like fungi. But my eye is also white...

The problem is that the white cancer is where the white colour shouldn’t be. The videos just demonstrate it.

I have seen tissue infected with cancer before, that was brown, not white...

Dr Simoncini talks about living tissues, the deductions are on samples that absorbed the colour of the fixation.

If dr. Simoncini's theory was correct, the microscopic examination of metastasis would reveal fungal colonies surrounded by 'reactive' cells from the organ in which the metastsis is found.

The metastasis is made but the tissue of the starting organ just because the organism is used to counterattack quickly the fungi with the first tissue attacked by them (remind the stem-cells).

Breast Cancer is an important issue at the moment. It is mandatory to put a port-a-cath in the breast arterial or there are others methods?

In a woman is the breast arterial quite small, therefore I prefer an other method which gives very satisfactory results. Usually local perfusions with sodium bicarbonate are effective in breast cancer. If the size of the lump is less than 3 cm, it can completely shrink after a cycle of 6 injections. The treatment has to be repeated if the lumps are bigger 4-5 cm. After the local treatment it is necessary the intravenously administration of 500 ml 5% sodium bicarbonate, 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles.

If a patient recover completely from cancer after the therapy with the Sodium Bicarbonate, it Is possible that the cancer will come back ?

All my recovered patients (and there are many) have not relapse. If you consider that I have treated with success patients 20 years ago, we can assume that once the fungus has been destroyed by the Sodium Bicarbonate it won't come back again.

Can you apply the bicarbonate therapy if suffering of high blood pressure?

There is no problem.

Is this treatment is also possible with animals?

Yes using the same treatment protocol as for the Pediatric oncology:
10 Kg /100 cc sodium bicarbonate
20 kg /150 cc sodium bicarbonate
30 Kg / 250 cc sodium bicarbonate
40 Kg / 350 cc sodium bicarbonate
50 Kg / 400 cc sodium bicarbonate
50kg and above 500cc sodium bicarbonate

Is bicarbonate the same as cooking salt?

The sodium bicarbonate is not the same as sodium chloride (cooking salt). Sodium chloride has no direct effect on the fungus, what we can see quite clear by the treatment of the oral and vaginal candidosis.

If I don’t get support of my general practitioner, oncologist or internist for this therapy, to whom should I turn for support when I want to get this therapy?

It is indeed difficult, but we have still to try and one must do everything possible in order to get the treatment.

What do I have to say to my internist to convince him that I want to follow the bicarbonate therapy?

The therapy can be done before and/or after a chemo or radiation treatment. Ask him to let you follow the therapy with the Sodium Bicarbonate according to the Dr.Simoncini protocol, depending on the type of cancer, location, size etc tec. The therapy will approximately take 8 weeks. After this period an examination should be performed. Cat scan, MRI, echo etc. The results will be either supporting the therapy or not. This therapy is totally safe and cheap and can be followed also as a supplementary therapy. If the doctor will not go along with your request than ask him to respect the will of the suffering patient.

frequently asked questions about dr simoncini

more about dr simoncini

Has dr.Simoncini more specialisation in medicine?

Yes, he is surgeon, specialised in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders. More over he is also Philosopher Doctor.

How can we get in contact with Dr. Simoncini?

Please send an email in english or italian through his contact page

Is he the only one who applies the sodiumbicarbonate therapy?

It occurs more and more that other physicians and oncologists apply his therapy.

What has Dr. Simoncini done to make his work public?

Besides sending his work at the Italian Ministry of Health, he sent his article to many scientific magazines he has been present to many congresses. He has taken up contact with oncologists institutes also with the national cancer institute of Bethesda.
The problem is that everybody wants to get proofs and people only take new ideas seriously if there is evidence of clinical cases. Therefore he always makes reports of all patients who have been treated with bicarbonate in order to collect so much well documented cases as possible.

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