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the fungus link - volume 1 by doug kaufmann

written by doug kaufmann

the fungus linkThere are today approximately 80 documented autoimmune diseases, each one without an etiological basis (known cause). Scientists have no idea what causes the heart attacks and cancers that kill one million people annually. In medicine, the word “germ” is often used synonymously with the word “bacteria.” This, in a small way, illustrates the confusion regarding the causes of disease among even the brightest medical practitioners and scientists. 

So it is that the first book we know of to implicate fungus as the cause of debilitation and death has been completed. As you peruse these pages, know that this work includes scientific notation and confirmation of the hypothesis that disease does have a known pathogen and is not bacterial in every instance! 

I suppose the invention of antibiotics was viewed as revolutionary by those in 1950s science. Our brightest, best scientists concluded that we had finally defeated the germs responsible for causing sickness and disease. If this were true, 1955 should have been a banner year in science. Certainly those millions who took antibiotics in that five year time span were now less vulnerable to common maladies. If not, they reasoned, then perhaps more antibiotics would permanently fix them. I have often used the analogy of calcium intake and osteoporosis in America to prove my point before surrendering to the notion that antibiotics were not the magic bullet hoped for. If osteoporosis were due to calcium deficiency,Americans would never have osteoporosis. Today, celebrity white moustaches abound, beckoning us to drink more milk! Between the calcium supplements we throw down our throats and the amount of milk that we drink, our bones should never become fragile! 

Yet the opposite is true in each of these situations. Osteoporosis is striking more Americans than ever before in history, despite dairy intake and calcium supplementation. Bacteria continue to elude even the best antibiotics, despite the billions of dollars of pharmaceutical research. Unless the etiology (cause) of a disease is identified, all the supplements and drugs in the world may be for naught.
Early in the year 2000, researchers discovered that the density of the bones of laboratory mice improved up to 50 percent 

more about the Fungus Link vol. 1 on the website of Doug Kaufmann - Host of Know The Cause

the fungus link - volume 2 by doug kaufmann

written by doug kaufmann

the fungus link

The Fungus Link to:
Chapter 1
Hormone problems
Chapter 2
Mental dysfunction

Chapter 3
Ear, nose and throat illnesses
Chapter 4
Eye diseases
Chapter 5
Problems infants and children experience
Chapter 6
Men’s health issues
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Autoimmune disease
Chapter 9
Weight problems
Chapter 10
Hair loss and skin diseases 
Chapter 11
Pathogenic fungi: more than just the yeasts
Chapter 12
Why you should avoid antibiotics
Chapter 13
Natural antifungals
Chapter 14
Prescription antifungals
Chapter 15
Organic vs. non-organic food
Part III Take back your health
Chapter 16
Fighting fungi with exercise and supplements
Chapter 17
The Kaufmann Antifungal Program
Chapter 18
The Initial Phase and InterPhase diets includes a week of menus and a sampling of recipes
Appendix 1
Your fungal quotient
a questionnaire to help you evaluate the chances your illness may be linked to fungi and their toxins
Appendix 2
Fungus facts
About the authors

more about the Fungus Link vol. 2 on the website of Doug Kaufmann - Host of Know The Cause

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