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ionized water

pure health water by Alderin Ordell, MA

Ionized water has been researched for fifty years by scientists all around the world and the findings are incredible – longer life, better skin, reduced adult onset disease, more energy, better metabolism, reduced cancer growth - the list goes on. But what makes ionized water so much better than bottled or tap water? And why haven’t Americans caught on?

The best water in the world can be found in glacial streams high in the Himalayas. When you look at this water, it’s blue with minerals and seems to glow. When you drink it, it enters your body lightly. It feels soft and smooth on your tongue. As it runs down your throat, your eyes lift, your body cools, your muscles relax, and you feel energized. You know right away this isn’t tap water! There’s something very different about it.

The Hunzakuts who drink this water daily live fifteen percent longer than the rest of us. They also live much higher quality lives free of most diseases that plague our modern society. But the secret isn’t just the coolness, or the minerals, or the lightness of this water, it’s the antioxidants.

Yes, water can contain antioxidants! The best water in the world is full of them. And our body loves them. Antioxidants naturally cancel out free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that damage our cells. Antioxidants are essential to our health. And when a body gets an abundant supply of antioxidants, like in the case of the Hunzakuts, they are much healthier

The glaical water they drink is also alkaline, meaning it is above a 7 pH. On a pH scale, anything below a 7pH is considered acidic and has an oxidizing effect on what it comes in contact with. For example, acidic water rusts metal. Anything above a 7pH is considered alkaline, and has an antioxidizing effect of what it comes in contact with!

For your reference, tap water generally has a pH of 5.5 – 6.5, acidic! So does bottled water (even the expensive, big name varieties). Over time drinking water like this will rust your body, leading to a build up of acid, which are the precursors to any adult onset disease from cancer to arthritis.

So, alkalinity and antioxidant levels are very important to water. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live near glacial streams. Even if you bottle glacial stream water, it’s not very good by the time it reaches you. Water needs to be energized by the sun and by movement to keep an alkaline chemical structure. When you bottle it and it sits around for a month, it’s pretty dead by the time it reaches you.

Tap water has the same problem. Our tap water sits around in holding tanks, where it loses its structure. What’s worse is it is then contaminated with flouride, chlorine, and other substances toxic to our bodies.

Most Americans know enough about water to at least filter out these contaminants. However, most of us don’t know anything about revitalizing water, bringing back it’s alkaline chemical structure and it’s natural antioxidant level.

That’s where a water ionizer comes in. A water ionizer is about the size of a bread box and sits on your counter or installs underneathe your sink. Most water ionizers come with a sophisticated activated carbon filter, usually enhanced with microfibers, that effectively remove all the harmful chemicals and bacteria in our water. A water ionizer then takes the next, most important step, and ionizes the water through a process called electrolysis.

The electrolysis chamber is usually three or five titanium plates coated with platinum or white gold. Two plates are negatively charged, three plates are positively charged. The negatively charged plates attract the alkaline qualities of the water and send them to our drinking glass, and the positively charged plates attract the acidic qualities of the water and send them down the drain.

We want to drink the alkaline water because it is revitalized, full of oxygen, charged with ions, and because the oxidizing acidic qualities have been removed and sent down our drain. It’s the closest to glacial water we can get. It has the same hexagonal shape, which makes alkaline water up to three times more hydrating than bottled water because it absorbs easily into our cells. It also has as much as 700% more oxygen than bottled water. And our cells love oxygen because they use it for fuel and for repair.

What’s even better is that a water ionizer can control the charge in the plates that split the alkaline and acidic qualities of our water and effectively control the pH. Meaning, you not only can create alkaline water at a 9.0 pH like that found in a glacial stream, you can create virtually any pH you want!

Water with different pH levels have different uses. For example, plants love water at about a 6.0 pH, it helps them with their photosynthesis and you will see improved growth, health, and if you have a garden, you will see greated yields of your favorite vegetables. It just so happens that garden pests hate strong acidic water. If you spray strong acidic water on the leaves, the pest will stay away.

Strong acidic water also has the ability to kill bacteria. So, you can soak your sponges or your toothbrushes in it and they will be sanitized. Strong acidic water is also great for our skin as it is a natural astringent that will suck up oil and keep our complexions clean and healthy.

Strong alkaline water, at a 10pH, is great for cooking. If you soak your meat or fish in strong alkaline water the fat will be dissolved and the acid neutralized, leaving you tender, soft meat that is much healthier for you. Same thing for cooking rice, alkaline water will cook it without damaging the grain, leaving soft, moist rice that’s full of flavor. Acid water breaks down the nutrients in vegetables so if you start steaming and boiling them in strong alkaline water, the nutrients will be preserved, and your body will be happier.

When the quality of the food coming into your body is of higher quality than the tissue that the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues and makes room for the superior materials that make new and healthier tissue. So, by improving the quality of your food and water with a ionized water, you will improve the quality of your own body!


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